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[API] Delete Vehicle

Privileged and Confidential This endpoint design has been confidentially shared with you. It is still under development and is subject to change without notice. Please do not share this document or API endpoint details with anyone who is not authorized to have access. For more information read about scopes.

Deletes a vehicle of the vehicle supplier.



HTTP Method


Access Method

Client Credentials

Required scopes


Example Request
curl -X DELETE "" \
-H "Authorization: Bearer <TOKEN>" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json"

Request Path Parameters
Name Type Description
vehicle_id string Vehicle ID returned from Create Vehicle response.

Example Response
Status-code: 204 No Content

Endpoint Specific Errors
Http Status Code Code Message
400 bad_request The request parameters are invalid
401 unauthorized Invalid OAuth 2.0 credentials provided
404 vehicle_not_found The vehicle was not found or not authorized
429 delete_assigned_vehicle Not allowed to delete the assigned vehicle
422 rate_limited Number of requests exceeds allowed limit
500 internal_server_error Internal server error
503 service_unavailable Service unavailable


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