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[Webhook] Realtime Driver Actioning Event

Privileged and Confidential This endpoint design has been confidentially shared with you. It is still under development and is subject to change without notice. Please do not share this document or API endpoint details with anyone who is not authorized to have access. For more information read about scopes.

This webhook allows suppliers to listen to realtime driver actioning events of the drivers in the fleet

More details about webhooks can be found here.


To be defined by the suppliers. This also needs to be registered in developer dashboard.

HTTP Method


Access Method

None. Auth process defined here.

Request Header Parameters

Defined here

Body Parameters
Name Type Description
driver_id string Raw unique identifier for the driver
event_id string Unique event identifier ensuring event uniqueness
event_time long Unix timestamp in milliseconds indicating when the action has been taken on driver
event_type string Specifies the type of event that occurred. In this case, it would be “REALTIME_DRIVER_ACTIONING_EVENT”
org_id string Encrypted Organization ID
action object Contains Action coordinates representing the action details which have been taken on driver
webhook_meta object Additional Meta related to the webhook
resource_href string URL pointing to the endpoint


Name Type Description
action_reason string Reason for which action has been taken on driver like offline_trips, cash_solicitation etc
action_type string Type of action taken on driver like warning, waitlisted, activated.
action_duration long Duration (in milliseconds) for which action has been taken.


ActionReason Definition
cash_solicitation Drivers who ask for extra cash or ask for cash during a digital trip.
offline_trips Drivers who solicit off-platform trips.
consecutive_cancellations Drivers who are consecutively cancelling trip offers.


ActionType Definition
warning Driver is sent a warning message in Carbon Inbox and push notification for reasons like offline_trips, cash_solicitation etc
waitlisted Driver state is updated to waitlisted, means driver can’t go online and take any trips.
activated Driver is activated again after penalty is lifted from driver.


Name Type Description
client_id string The ID of the client associated with the webhook.
webhook_config_id string The ID of the webhook configuration.
webhook_msg_timestamp long Unix timestamp indicating when the webhook message was sent
webhook_msg_uuid string Unique identifier for the webhook message
  "action": {
    "action_duration": 9000000,
    "action_reason": "cash_solicitation",
    "action_type": "waitlisted"
  "driver_id": "b2e701f2-67c1-43a0-8d8d-d933ca47c67c",
  "event_id": "b1f8a077-68b7-4f5a-a581-cdb15700ab0f",
  "event_time": 1715868751404,
  "org_id": "8GPTT7JgE8TPfkIPix1ph8d0ZG86LHHAgl0UaLlpMPsb1LJNoXjEmMP7aK7N9hIc23udEWQ_Coxo71DYgEQgz0ouopCnmh_16w3kSrBNZgrBjXSbkSuqX7DKsB2WMhWedA==",
  "resource_href": "",
  "webhook_meta": {
    "client_id": "IcgLzNpgMfmMGkxTiGThkUZ6LDR9tGnd",
    "webhook_config_id": "vehicle-solutions.ep-realtime-driver-actioning-event",
    "webhook_msg_timestamp": 1715868751,
    "webhook_msg_uuid": "c41a84ca-58e7-4acb-ba68-984ef152e5a7"


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