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Build moving experiences

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Trip Experiences

Leverage rich trip context such as pickup/dropoff location and ETA to build innovative new app experiences for users while they’re on a trip with Uber.

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Ride Request Widget

Give your users the entire Uber experience within your app — all with just a few lines of code.

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Ride Request Buttons

Quickly add the Uber Ride Request button to your iOS or Android app to get your users moving with a quick and simple one-tap deep link into the Uber App.

Ride SDKs

Rapidly integrate the full power of the Uber API into your services using our open source SDKs.

Deep Linking

Directly launch the Uber app from your app using your own custom logic and visual treatments. Now with trip branding.


Ride APIs

Need to go even deeper? The Rides API gives you direct access to the REST APIs that power our SDKs and Buttons.


Affiliate Program

Earn $5 for every new U.S. rider you send to Uber with your Ride Request Button, Deep link or API integration.



Private Beta

Provide on-demand delivery for your customers or use UberRUSH's flexible logistics layer to power your existing app.

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Explore what you can build with the Uber Developer Platform.