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Driver Management

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This suite of APIs can be used by the rental companies to get the driver’s eligibility information from Uber and also to get the risk assessment metrics so that enough confidence on the identity and eligibility of the driver can be established before the vehicle is given to the driver.

Driver Compliance Process

A driver needs to onboard him/herself on Uber first before they can get a car from the rental company. Additionally, there are multiple requirements that the driver needs to fulfill before becoming eligible to drive on Uber. E.g. all the drivers need to go through document verification/approval and background verification (in certain geographies) before they can start to drive on Uber.

Driver Compliance Process

The driver eligibility process includes the following steps:

  • There are multiple ways through which a new driver can come in the funnel - Uber website/partner app/GreenLight hubs (Uber support centers), etc.

  • At all of these entry points, the driver will be presented with a list of requirements that need to be fulfilled before they become compliant with Uber. Different region/city/country might have different document requirements for driver compliance.

  • Driver will need to upload all the documents required and provide the consent for a background verification (if it is applicable).

  • Once all the documents are approved and the background check is verified (if it is applicable), the driver can start to take trips on Uber.

Rental companies can use the following API’s to get more information about the driver and decide if they would rent a vehicle or not.

Platform Offerings

[API] GET Driver Info [API reference]

Use this API to get driver’s basic profile information. This includes name, phone number, email address and profile image. Rental companies can use this info to validate driver details.

[API] Search Drivers [API reference]

Use this API to Search the drivers using search criteria to get driver info. This includes driver ID, name, phone number, email address, compliance status and profile image. Rental companies can use this to search drivers by email or phone number. Only authorized rental companies are allowed to use this API to search drivers.

[API] GET Compliance Info [API reference]

Use this API to get the current compliance status of the driver inside Uber systems. Rental companies should make sure that the driver is in the ONBOARDED or ACTIVE state before giving the vehicle to the driver. Similarly, vehicles should not be given out to drivers who are in the ONBOARDING, WAITLISTED or REJECTED state. This ensures that all the drivers can start driving for Uber as soon as they rent the vehicle.

Check the details about all the compliance flags here.

[API] GET Risk Assessment V3 [API reference]

Use this API to get additional information about the driver’s performance on the Uber platform. These data points can be used to evaluate the risk associated with providing the vehicle to the driver or by renewing his/her contract with the rental company.

[Webhook] Driver Status Change [API reference]

Rental company can subscribe to this webhook to get notification whenever there is a status change of any driver who has rented a vehicle from them. After receiving the webhook, rental company can fetch the driver’s latest compliance status using Get Compliance Info API. The rental company can take actions when the status changes to WAITLISTED or REJECTED.


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