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Scopes grant permission to various API endpoints for your app. When requesting an access token to use on behalf of a user, your application will specify which scopes it needs and these will be shown to the user during the OAuth flow. It’s best to limit the scopes you need to the bare minimum so that users can feel confident with your app and the amount of data it can access.

Privileged scopes

Some scopes, such as the request scope, are privileged scopes. By default, privileged scopes are limited to your development team. To use them in production, request Full Access. The good news is you currently have access to these scopes when authorizing your own account or those of the developer accounts you list in your application dashboard (Limited Access). This allows you to start building an app immediately.

When you’re ready to open up your app to a larger audience and go into production, please submit a request for Full Access and provide adequate material showing the Uber API integration (Eg. video walk-throughs, screenshots). Note that your application must be complete when requesting Full Access so that the team may review its functions before approval.

A public privacy policy is required for Full Access Prior to being granted Full Access, you must publish a public privacy policy that clearly explains how your app or service handles, stores, and provides access to user information. You can specify the location of your privacy policy in your app listing in the developer console.

Steps to request Full Access
  1. Sign In to the Developer Dashboard using an Uber account
  2. Under the Auth tab, click Request Full Access next to a privileged scope
  3. Provide as much information about your app as possible
  4. Submit the request
  5. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible
Scope Description Type
profile Access the basic profile information on a user’s Uber account including their first name, email address, and profile picture. General
history Pull trip data including times, product type, and city information of a user’s historical pickups and drop-offs. General
history_lite Same as history but without city information. General
offline_access Provides the ability to refresh tokens for offline use. General
places Access to get and update your saved places. This includes your home and work addresses if you have saved them with Uber. General
request Make requests for Uber Products on behalf of users. Privileged
request_receipt Get receipt details for Requests made by application. Privileged
all_trips Access trip details about all future Uber trips. Including pickup, destination, and real-time location for all of your future rides. Privileged
  • request_receipt - This is only granted to apps that request Uber rides directly and show receipts as part of the trip lifecycle. We do not allow apps to aggregate receipt information. The receipt endpoint will only provide receipts for ride requests originating from your application. It is not currently possibly to receive receipt data for all trips.


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