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Organization Onboarding

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Every rental company that intends to partner with Uber for ridesharing needs to go through a manual onboarding process. This onboarding consists of creating an organization entity for the rental company inside Uber systems and mapping all the corresponding dealerships inside the organization as a hierarchy.

Dealership Hierarchy

For a driver to be driving a vehicle on the Uber platform, both the driver and vehicle should be compliant with Uber. The compliance requirements depend on multiple factors - some of which are region dependent, e.g. different cities might have different document requirements for the vehicle to be compliant.

Dealerships (also known as ‘branches’) are physical locations belonging to the rental company from where they operate their ride-sharing business. A typical dealership to company mapping looks like this:

Dealership Hierarchy

How is this organization structure created?

Rental companies will need to provide a unique identifier (string) per dealership to Uber which would be used to create the organization structure for the company.

Why is this organization structure creation important?

There are different compliance requirements per city (also interchangeably called ‘territory’) and it is important to capture the location where the vehicle would run so that compliance requirements can be determined for the vehicle to become eligible to be driven on Uber. So, while creating the vehicle inside Uber systems, the rental company will need to pass the dealership identifier so that the corresponding compliance requirements can be determined for that specific location.

Next Steps?

Please contact your Uber POC with the list of dealerships (with their corresponding unique identifier and locations) to get your organization structure created within Uber systems.

Platform Offerings

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Use this API to get list of all organizations that application has access to.


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