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Managing Expense Information


Through SFTP you can manage your company’s expense list by uploading a comma-delimited CSV file with all active expense codes. Employees can choose from these options within their Uber app when taking a ride.

Every time a file is uploaded into the directory to_uber/expense_codes, Uber will fetch it and update your expense code list. This allows you to choose how often you want to update your list - hourly, daily, etc. The cadence is up to you.

How it Works

To sync your expense code list, upload a formatted CSV file to the to_uber/expense_codes directory in SFTP. Changes will be reflected in the Uber for Business dashboard within the hour.

Note: We highly recommend you test your file in the test_to_uber/expense_codes folder first before making permanent changes.


The file should be in the below format:

  • Encoding: UTF-8
  • Header Row: None
  • Delimiter: Comma
  • Columns: Expense Code, Description (Optional), Employee Emails (Optional)
Expense Code

Also known as Client Matter Code, this should be an alphanumeric text that is the short code for your expense or project. This will be displayed to the user when requesting a ride.

Description (Optional)

The description describes the expense or project code in more detail. This will be displayed to the user when requesting a ride.

Employee Emails (Optional)

You can limit which employees see which expense or project codes with a comma-separated list of emails.

Assign an expense code to ALL employees by leaving the column blank.

Sample CSV
EX1234,Late rides home from the office,,","
EX1235,Ground Transportation for Client W,""
EX1246,Ground Transportation for Client X,","
EX1237,Ground Transportation for Client Y,""
EX1238,Ground Transportation for Client Z,","

Uber Business Expense CSV


Use the test_to_uber/expense_codes folder first to verify that no errors are returned from the file uploaded. If your file is successful, you will receive a confirmation with the number of rows processed.



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