Managing Employees


Through SFTP you can manage your company’s employee list by uploading a comma-delimited CSV file with all active employees.

Every time a file is uploaded to the to_uber/employees, to_uber/employees/add, or to_uber/employees/remove directories, we will fetch it and update your employee list. This allows you to choose how often you want to update your list - hourly, daily, etc. The cadence is up to you.

How it Works

To sync your employee roster list, upload a formatted CSV file to one of the to_uber/employees, to_uber/employees/add, or to_uber/employees/remove directory in SFTP. Changes will be reflected in the Uber for Business dashboard within the hour.

Note: We highly recommend you test your file in the to_uber/employees, to_uber/employees/add, or to_uber/employees/remove folder first, before making your corresponding permanent changes.

Add New Employees

If you put your csv file in to_uber/employees/add folder:

  • All the employees in the file will be added to the organization and be sent an invite email to become active

Remove Existing Employees

If you put your csv file in to_uber/employees/remove folder:

  • All the employees that exist in the file will be removed from the organization

Replace Employees

If you put your csv file in to_uber/employees folder:

  • New employees will be added and be sent an invite email
  • Existing employees will be updated
  • Employees not on the list will be removed

The file should only contain active employees that have access to Uber for Business. All new employees added will immediately receive an invite email to join the account upon file processing.

All new reviewers will receive an invite email alerting them that they have been added as a reviewer, and will begin to receive a weekly report of all trips taken by the employee listed.


The file should be in the below format:

  • Encoding: UTF-8

  • Header Row: None

  • Delimiter: Comma

  • Columns: First Name, Last Name, Email, Employee ID (Optional), Group (Optional), Reviewer (Optional), Mobile Country Code (optional), Mobile Number (optional).

    • If “Group” is not provided for an employee, new employees will be added to your default group and existing employees will remain in their current group.
    • If “Mobile Number” is provided but not “Mobile Country Code”, then the country code will be set from the organization country.
Sample CSV
Jim,Smith,,1,Group1,, +1, 2025550100
Jane,Johnson,,3,Group1,, +1, 2025550101
Tom,Williams,,4,Group2,,, 2025550102
Joe,Rodriguez,,8,,, +91, 9000555123

Uber Business Employee CSV

Test Upload

Use the test_to_uber/employees, test_to_uber/employees/add, or test_to_uber/employees/remove directories first to verify that no errors are returned from the file uploaded. If your file is successful, you will receive a confirmation with the number of rows processed.

Anomaly Detection

To ensure no mistakes are made, throttling will be used to check for large changes to the employee file. If an uploaded CSV will remove over 10% of your employee list, a member of our team will email you to confirm before performing the action.


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