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Account Setup

To call the Uber for Business API, you must register your app and be approved to access your organization’s data.

The steps are as follows:

  • Register Your App
  • Request Access
  • Enable Scope in Developer Dashboard

Register Your App

To get started, create an app on our developer dashboard. This is where you will find all of your tokens and information about your app.

Note: The Uber Developer Platform currently does not support the concept of an organization account. Our general recommendation is to create an email alias to register an account under your organization, rather than an account tied to one person, so that transfer of ownership will be easy in the future.

To get started:

  • Sign into the Uber developer dashboard
  • Click Register App
  • Select Rides API
  • Enter in a name and a short description
  • Agree to our terms and conditions

Your app should be successfully created. Find the client_id under the Authentication section in the Auth tab or next to your app name; you will need this to set up your connections.

Request Organization Level Access

Now that you’ve registered an Uber developer app, to begin using the Business API, you must:

  • Be approved for the business.receipts scope
  • Be approved to access data for your organization.

Under the Auth tab in the developer dashboard, you will see a list of all scopes you have access to (review the guide on Uber scopes here). Because Business API access is a privileged scope, you will not see a business.receipts under the scope list when you first create the app.

To submit a request, provide the following to your Uber for Business representative or to our team:

  • Your Uber for Business organization name
  • Your Uber for Business administrator email
  • Your developer app’s Client ID
  • A brief description of your app and how you plan on using it
  • A list of the endpoints you are looking to use, including webhook events, if any, and how you plan on using each endpoint

Note: If you are a third party looking to gain access to more than one organization’s data at a time, you must submit a request per organization.

Enable business.receipts Scope

After your Uber for Business representative approves your request, you will see a business.receipts scope in the Auth tab of your app in the developer dashboard, under Partner Scopes.

Enable the scope and save your changes. You should now be able to query your organization’s data using the Business API.

Congratulations! You have setup an app in the developer dashboard and now have the credentials required to build an application with the Business API.


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