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Get Trip Invoice PDF


Use Case

The Business Invoice endpoint allows you to return an invoice pdf for the trip, if invoices are supported in that country (see Availability below).


OAuth 2.0 bearer token with the business.receipts scope.

Path Parameters
Name Type Description
trip_id string Unique identifier representing a trip.

Example Request

curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer <TOKEN>' \
     -H 'Accept-Language: en_US' \
     -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \

Status-Code: 200 OK

  "trip_uuid": "5152dcc5-b88d-4754-8b33-975f4067c943",
  "invoices": [{
      "invoice_number": "PEDXEVLJ-03-2017-0000562",
      "invoice_date":"Sat, 25 Feb 2017 19:53:41 UTC",
      "resource_url": "https://<url>"
Name Type Description
trip_uuid string The unique UUID of the trip.
organization_uuid string Unique identifier of the organization.
invoices array Array containing invoices for the trip.
invoices[].invoice_number string The unique invoice identifier for the invoice.
invoices[].invoice_date string The UTC timestamp for the date the invoice was generated.
invoices[].resource_url string The GET URL for the invoice generated.


Invoices are generated only for the following country codes:


Error Responses
HTTP Status Code Description
400 bad_request Request specific message
401 not_authenticated Request made without authentication
403 not_authorized Caller not authorized to make this request
404 not_found Entity being fetched not found
429 rate_limited Rate limit exceeded
500 server_error We have experienced a problem


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