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Introducing Business accounts for Uber for Business

Prior to the implementation of SSO, users utilizing their email addresses (whether personal or work) along with passwords to access the dashboard, are identified as having personal accounts. For users to access U4B dashboards using SSO, Uber has introduced the concept of Business accounts. These accounts are owned/managed by the organisation and not individuals which means the account can be created/deleted/taken over by the organisation. As part of the SSO set up process, a business account gets created for users to access dashboard using SSO. Read more about business accounts below:

  • A business account is an account managed by an organization and solely used for business purposes. It is separate from personal accounts and managed by the organization for activating features such as single sign-on, password reset, and two-factor authentication.

  • When an employee leaves the organization, their access to the account is automatically revoked upon removal from the organization’s IDP.

  • All trip data taken via a business account will be available to the organization through the Uber for Business dashboard even if the employee leaves. Employees still have data subject rights and can contact Uber support for any past data from their business account if needed in the future.

Business account creation flow for SSO-enabled users

Once an organisation is configured with SSO and a dashboard user is enabled for SSO, there are two sign-up flows depending on the circumstances:

1. If the user's work email is available to create a business account and has not been used to create an Uber account before, a business account will be created for them with SSO settings. welcome-email
2. If the user already has an Uber account with their work email, they will be prompted to choose between two options to create a business account in the welcome email.
  • Option 1: Update their current Uber account's email address to a personal one for personal use, freeing up the work email for business account creation
  • Option 2: Provide consent to transfer the existing Uber account to a business account.
Implications of converting personal account to a business account: It's important to note that converting a current Uber account to a business account means that the account will be managed by the organization. The organization will have access to all activity and data on the account, including details of past and future Uber trips and meals of the user.
Converting the account to a business account is irreversible and should be at the individual user’s sole discretion.

Login flow for SSO-enabled users (web)

  1. Navigate to Uber for Business dashboard
  2. Input work email
  3. SSO flow will get triggered, for the business account. Complete the organization's SSO authentication flow
  4. If it’s the first time logging in, review and accept the Terms and Conditions
  5. The account will be successfully logged in on the Uber for Business dashboard

Using Uber App to book rides and meals once SSO is enabled

In order to access eligible trips/meal benefits on Uber app, the SSO enabled users are required to link their personal Uber account to organisation. These users will appear on admin dashboard in People tab with SSO status as “Enabled: In app not linked”.

People Page

Note: If the user had completed the account linking step prior to enabling SSO, it would be intact and they can continue with eligible employee benefits. Please follow one of the below relevant options if not already enabled:

If the org has opt-in enabled and discoverability settings ON (check Profile -> Settings ->General) , the user should be able to link their personal Uber account (e.g. to the organisation (e.g. by following the below flow:

→ Open Uber mobile app signed in with personal account → Click on Business Hub → Click on Add business profile → Enter work email and verify email → Select programs and click “Join now” to complete linking

Link via  Business hub on Uber mobile app

Option 2: Retrigger invite from admin dashboard

Admin could trigger linking invitations for SSO enabled users by clicking the “Resend invitation” on the People tab. These users can then follow the email to complete linking of personal Uber account to organisation

People Page Status

Login flow for SSO-enabled users (mobile app)

  • SSO experience is currently restricted to web and not available on mobile app. Hence users will not be able to login to mobile app using SSO.

  • There is no change to the login flow on mobile app for SSO enabled users. They can use their personal account credentials to login (if not already logged in).


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