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SAP Concur - Uber Integration


Organizations can now make business travel easier than ever by leveraging the Concur integration that Uber for Business offers. Our integration helps automate managing employees and their e-receipts between Uber and SAP Concur.


Receipt Forwarding

Uber for Business offers a seamless experience of e-receipt generation and forwarding to the employees’ Concur accounts for every trip taken business profiles.

Employee Roster Sync :Optional

Roster sync keeps the Uber for Business Employee list in-sync with the list of employees in Concur Expense. Employees will be added and removed as they are added and removed from Concur.


Step 1:

Login as an Admin user to We recommend using a generic profile with admin permissions so the integration is not dependent on an employees profile.

Step 2:

Click on App Center in the top right.

Step 3:

Search for Uber for Business under Enterprise Applications.

Uber for Business Concur Settings

Step 4: Click on connect.

Uber for Business Concur Settings

If “connect” is grayed out, the Concur Admins must have the following permissions: Program Admin, Authorized Support Contact, and Web Services Administrator in order to complete the integration with Uber for Business. To grant Web Service Admin rights please follow instructions below.

From Concur:

  1. Go to: Administration -> Company -> Company Admin
  2. Select “Permission Administrator”
  3. Select “Modify Permissions” and choose “User”
  4. Select “User name” and choose whoever will activate the integration
  5. From the Available Permissions box a. Select “Web Services Administrator” b. Click “Add” and “Save”

Uber for Business Concur Settings

Step 5: Accept SAP Concur Terms and Conditions to connect to a 3rd party app. This allows Uber & SAP Concur to share receipt data.

  1. Read the T’s & C’s
  2. Check the box next to Shared information
  3. Hit ‘I Agree’

Uber for Business Concur Settings

Step 6: A new window will pop up, asking you to sign into your Uber account. If you have an existing Uber rider account, please sign in with your original credentials. If you are new to Uber, please create an Uber rider account here.

Uber for Business Concur Settings

Step 7: If you already have an Uber for Business account, you will be asked to connect your existing Uber for Business account. Your account will be listed below.

Uber for Business Concur Settings

If you don’t have an Uber for Business Account yet, follow the instructions to create a new account.

Uber for Business Concur Settings

Step 8: Once you select your Uber for Business account, E-Receipt forwarding will be turned on for all “Active” employees on the account. Employees don’t need to take any further action.

Uber for Business Concur Settings

Step 9: You can enable roster sync by clicking “Set Up Roster Sync”. You will be brought to the below screen and given the option to enable it. Please note this will send an invitation to everyone in your Concur account. Each time an employee is added to/removed from your Concur account, they will be automatically added/removed from the Uber for Business Account.

Uber for Business Concur Settings


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