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Steps To Configure Admin/Coordinator SSO

To enable single sign-on (SSO) for admins/coordinators in your organization, please contact your Sales Manager:

  • As part of the SSO request, you will need to share the following details with your sales manager or business API support agent:
    (Your IT administrator should be able to help with the below details)

    1. Organization’s name or uuid

    2. Email domain

    3. Identity provider (IDP) sign-in URL

    4. IDP public key ( X509 Certificate / Base64 Certificate )

    5. IDP Metadata file URL (can be shared instead of requirements 3,4)
      (Check IDP level config to know how to fetch above fields)

      Please refer to the Enabling SSO with supported IDPs section for more details on this step and other settings.

  • Next, you must verify domain ownership by updating a DNS record on your domain provider’s website. Your account manager or support agent will provide you with a verification string to be updated on the domain record to complete this step. Also, assign the users to be enabled for SSO to the Uber for business application on the identity provider instance. Please seek assistance from your IT administrator if needed. Please refer to the Domain Ownership verification section for more details on this step.

  • Once this step is completed, confirm it back to your sales manager or support agent. They will then get SSO enabled for your organization and send a confirmation to you. Admins/coordinators enabled for SSO will receive a welcome email and business accounts will be created as detailed in the previous section. They can then use SSO to log in to the dashboard.


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