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Can I use the Deeplink to fetch time and/or price estimates?

No. A Deeplink is just a URL that passes along parameters to the Uber app. If you want to get price estimates, you have to communicate with our APIs. Check out the Ride Request Button to accomplish that easily.

I am using a Deeplink but my dropoff location is not set when the Uber app is opened. Why is that?

In order for the dropoff destination to appear in the native Uber app, you must also specify either a dropoff nickname or a formatted address. The parameters are dropoff[nickname] and dropoff[formatted_address], respectively.

Can I set the product_id when the pickup location is unknown (e.g. user’s current location)? No, the product_id will only work when the pickup location is pre-populated through the Deeplink. Uber products may vary based on the pickup location. Even Uber products with the same name may have different product_ids for different locations.

Can I set URL parameter to Deeplink into the mobile Uber website

No, the Deeplink and universal link features are designed for our native Uber app.

Is there a way to Deeplink to the Uber app using the client libraries?

Yes. The official Client Libraries provide methods to generate and open up SDK-generated deep links. Please refer to the respective documentation on GitHub.

Is it possible to combine deep links to set a promo code and request a ride to a destination?

No, it is not possible to combine deep link actions.

If I use a deep link and the user does not have Uber installed do apps get attribution for the trip?

No. We are working on a better solution to resolve attribution when the Uber app is not already installed.


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