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GET /payment-methods

Privileged Scope This endpoint requires a privileged scope to be used in production by all Uber riders. You can use this endpoint immediately when authenticated as yourself or any of your 5 registered developers. When you are ready to distribute your application broadly for use by all Uber riders, you may request FULL ACCESS. For more information read about scopes.

Payment Methods

The Payment Methods endpoint allows retrieving the list of the user’s available payment methods. These can be leveraged in order to supply a payment_method_id to the POST /requests endpoint.


GET /v1.2/payment-methods


OAuth 2.0 bearer token with the request scope.

Example Request

curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer <TOKEN>' \
     -H 'Accept-Language: en_US' \
     -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
`Status-Code: 200 OK`
  "payment_methods": [
      "payment_method_id": "5f384f7d-8323-4207-a297-51c571234a8c",
      "type": "baidu_wallet",
      "description": "***53",
      "payment_method_id": "f33847de-8113-4587-c307-51c2d13a823c",
      "type": "alipay",
      "description": "ga***",
      "payment_method_id": "f43847de-8113-4587-c307-51c2d13a823c",
      "type": "visa",
      "description": "***23"
      "payment_method_id": "517a6c29-3a2b-45cb-94a3-35d679909a71",
      "type": "american_express",
      "description": "***05"
      "payment_method_id": "f53847de-8113-4587-c307-51c2d13a823c",
      "type": "business_account",
      "description": "Late Night Ride"
  "last_used": "f53847de-8113-4587-c307-51c2d13a823c"
Name Type Description
payment_methods array An array of this user’s payment methods
payment_methods[].payment_method_id string Unique identifier of the payment method.
payment_methods[].type string The type of the payment method (See below for details).
payment_methods[].description string The account identification or description associated with the payment method.
last_used string The unique identifier of the last used payment method.
Payment Method Types
Payment Method Type Description
Airtel Money airtel_money null
Alipay alipay Last two digits of card (e.g., “***23”) or the obfuscated email address (“ga***”) depending on the account identifier.
Apple Pay apple_pay Last two digits of card (e.g., “***23”).
American Express american_express Last two digits of card (e.g., “***23”).
Android Pay android_pay null
Baidu Wallet baidu_wallet Last two digits of card (e.g., “***23”).
Uber for Business Account business_account A descriptive name of the business account (e.g., “Late Night Ride”)
Uber Family Account family_account A descriptive name of the family account (e.g., “Jones Family Shared”)
Cash cash null
Discover discover Last two digits of card (e.g., “***23”).
JCB jcb Last two digits of card (e.g., “***23”).
Lian Lian lianlian Last two digits of card (e.g., “***23”).
Maestro maestro Last two digits of card (e.g., “***23”).
MasterCard mastercard Last two digits of card (e.g., “***23”).
PayPal paypal Obfuscated email address (e.g., “ga***”)
Paytm paytm null
Ucharge ucharge null
Unified Payment Interface upi null
UnionPay unionpay Last two digits of card (e.g., “***23”).
Unknown unknown null
Visa visa Last two digits of card (e.g., “***23”).
Zaakpay zaakpay null


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