Introduction to Ride Requests

Requesting a ride is easy with the Uber API. Ride requests can be made on behalf of Uber Riders - your registered app will authenticate the rider with Uber and will have to get certain permissions from the rider to start making requests on his/her behalf.

Implementation Options

There are a number of ways to implement Ride Requests with Uber depending on your use case.

Ride Request Button

Development Effort Low

Quickly add the Uber Ride Request button to your iOS or Android app to get your users moving with a quick and simple one-tap deep link into the Uber App.

Development Effort Low

Directly launch the Uber app from your app using your own custom logic and visual treatments.

Ride Request REST API

Development Effort High

Need to go even deeper? Use the REST APIs that power our SDKs and Buttons and integrate any functionality of the Uber API into your app.

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