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Introduction to Ride Promotions

Ride Promotions enables users to have promotion codes applied to their account automatically via deep links or using the API.

Deep linking provides application interoperability between a native app or web view and the native Uber application. Deep links are simply URLs that reference the Uber app and support query parameters to affect the Uber app’s behavior once launched.

Use the Uber deep link generator to easily create a deep link for your use case.

The applyPromo action allows you to launch the Uber app directly to the apply promotion screen and pre-fill a promotion code. The action takes a single parameter, the promo code you want to pre-fill for the user.

Query Parameters
Name Type Description
action string The intent of this deeplinking action.
client_id string Client ID of the requesting application
promo string Promotion code to be applied
Apply a promotion code using the API

The Ride Promotion endpoint allows applying a promotion code to the user’s Uber account.

curl -X PATCH -H "Authorization: Bearer <TOKEN>" \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -d '{
    "applied_promotion_codes": "mypromo"
  }' ""

Status-Code: 200 OK

  "promotion_code": "mypromo",
  "description": "$20.00 has been applied to your account."


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