Uber Pay for earners

User flows for earners

In some regions, Uber accepts physical cash as an accepted payment method. In this case, Uber doesn’t automatically collect service fees after every trip, rather we collect fees later directly from earners. You can integrate pre-built user interfaces so that users can pay any service fees owed to Uber with their preferred payment method.

The user interfaces we provide enable relevant payment methods so drivers can stay on the road, continue earning, and pay their fees. The following sections show the interfaces which enable this option.

Paying fees to Uber

When the driver is presented with the Payment Details, they are led through a form which allows them to specify the amount and payment method. They are then redirected to the checkout experience with their specific payment. The following images show the user experience of an example UI built on the API:

Paying fees to Uber flow #1 Paying fees to Uber flow #2

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