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API Reference - Find Deposit status

Find deposit status

Uber invokes this API server-side to fetch the latest status of the payment deposit. Unlike the other interfaces, partners expose this API.

Interface authentication

For authentication, use the RSA-SHA256 signature with the Uber payments public key. See the Signature request header for more details. You can also use the sandbox public key for development and testing:

-----END PUBLIC KEY-----

If the authentication fails, you receive the response: 401 Unauthorized.

Query parameters

Name Type Required Description
id String Required Deposit ID.
merchant_reference String Optional Transaction reference ID from the partner.

Request headers

Name Type Description
Date String Date in GMT, according to RFC7231 section
Digest String Cryptographic hash of request body according to RFC3230 and using SHA256 algorithm. See also RFC5843.
Signature String RSA signature of request-target, host, date and digest headers with PKCS v1.5 Padding

Response status code

Expected response status code: 200 OK

Response body

Name Type Required Description
id String Required Original deposit id in Uber’s system
merchant_reference String Required Original transaction reference in Partner’s system
status String Required PENDING: payment still in progress

SUCCEEDED: payment confirmed

FAILED: payment failed/cancelled

confirmed_at String Optional Payment confirmed date time in Partner’s system with ISO 8601 format. This field should be present if the status is SUCCEEDED.
amount Object Optional Value and currency, ISO4217. The value is in E5 format (x * 100000). For example, 10 BRL is: {"value": 1000000, "currency": "BRL"}

Example request and response

The following is an example request for the find deposit status. You can replace in the example below with the relevant partner URL.

curl -X GET \ \
  -H 'Date: Sat, 08 Jun 2019 20:51:35 GMT' \
  -H 'Digest: SHA-256=FkJ3miKx7I099a8n7q3Kmn7P8/dFS1Ebx5POQd185PM=' \
  -H 'Signature: keyId="rsa-key", algorithm="rsa-sha256",
     headers="(request-target) host date digest",

This is an example response:

  "id": "cGdfMGE3OTA1OTItYTIyNi0zY2EyLWFjZjEtNzE0YTAwMzAxMmQz",
  "merchant_reference": "599f4164-4417-4361-9d11-1d9d8b4b9096",
  "status": "SUCCEEDED",
  "confirmed_at": "2020-04-11T12:00:00Z"

Find deposit status errors

HTTP status code URL sample Scenario

200{{VALlD_DEPOSIT_UUID}} Valid deposit

400 No deposit ID

404{{NON_EXISTING_DEPOSIT_UUID}} Non-existing deposit


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