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API Reference - Confirm Deposit

Confirm deposit

Confirm the deposit draft order and make the funds available. Should be called only after a successful update-deposit call. Make your request at this endpoint:

POST /v1/payments/deposits/:id/confirm


OAuth 2.0 bearer token with the payments.deposits scope.

Path parameters

Name Type Description
id UUID Deposit ID

Request headers

Name Type Description
X-Idempotency-Key String See the idempotency section.

Example request and response

The following is an example request for the confirm deposit resource. To use this request, replace $token in the example below with the access token.

curl -X POST \
  -H "Authorization: Bearer $token" \
  -H 'X-Idempotency-Key: c0efc253-66c3-4b6c-b3b3-317fbe093f50-confirm' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -d '{}'

This is an example of what you can expect to see in response:

	"deposit": {
		"id": "9f804b10-edd3-648a-f84b-133881f2710e",
		"destination": {
			"id": "cHBfYjA3NDA5MzItYzI2Mi00MTk5LThkZGItY2Y2NGRhMTU0OWQ4",
			"owner_id": "e00905e1-066d-4c44-bd9d-ea8fd7d7be8e",
			"type": "Account",
			"uri": "//payments/customers/e00905e1-066d-4c44-bd9d-ea8fd7d7be8e/accounts/cHBfYjA3NDA5MzItYzI2Mi00MTk5LThkZGItY2Y2NGRhMTU0OWQ4"
		"source": {
			"id": "Z3NfZjNmMmU2MDYtMjYzYS0zMzY2LThjOWMtMmQ0MGU1ODE2ZWZj",
			"owner_id": "a7b46663-3b97-40be-9b3e-ab805a56b269",
			"type": "Account",
			"uri": "//payments/customers/a7b46663-3b97-40be-9b3e-ab805a56b269/accounts/Z3NfZjNmMmU2MDYtMjYzYS0zMzY2LThjOWMtMmQ0MGU1ODE2ZWZj"
		"state": {
			"value": "CONFIRMED"
		"amount": {
			"value": 1000000,
			"currency": "EUR"
		"description": "I'm a deposit in sandbox.",
		"merchant_reference": "e0172f188331-b48f-a846-3dde-01b408f9",
		"country_iso2": "NL",
		"session_id": "36adcbfd-15fc-45e6-bd51-0f2a52c17c93",
		"funding_method": "TEST_FUNDING_METHOD",
		"type": "Deposit",
		"uri": "//payments/deposits/9f804b10-edd3-648a-f84b-133881f2710e"

Confirm deposit errors

HTTP status code URL sample Scenario
200{{VALID_UUID}}/confirm Valid DRAFT deposit
400 Invalid Deposit UUID
404{{NON_EXISTING_DEPOSIT_UUID}}/confirm Non-existing deposit
403{{UNAUTHORIZED_DEPOSIT_UUID}}/confirm Unauthorized deposit
409{{PREVIOUSLY_CANCELED_DEPOSIT_UUID}}/confirm Canceled Deposit
Confirm deposit header errors
HTTP status code URL sample Headers Scenario
200{{VALID_UUID}}/confirm X-Idempotency-Key: Valid ID 1 Try to confirm twice using different Idempotency keys
409{{VALID_UUID}}/confirm X-Idempotency-Key: Valid ID 2


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