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API Reference - Update Deposit

Update deposit

Update the deposit after collecting user data, and before confirming the payment. Make your request at this endpoint:

POST /v1/payments/deposits/:id

If you implement the Find Deposit Status endpoint, you may get a conflict error with code TRANSACTION_ALREADY_PROCESSED as response. See Error Codes for more details.


OAuth 2.0 bearer token with the payments.deposits scope.

Path parameters

Name Type Description
id UUID Deposit ID

Request headers

Name Type Description
X-Idempotency-Key String See the idempotency section.

Body parameters

Name Type Required Description
merchant_reference String required Payment transaction reference id on partner side.
description String optional Up to 128 characters.
metadata Map optional Set of key-value pairs used for storing additional information.
amount optional Value of currency, ISO4217. The value is in E5 format (x * 100000). For example, 20 BRL is: {"value": 2000000, "currency": "BRL"}

The field is optional. Provide the amount field if it differs from the amount in Init-Deposit call. It may happen if the end-user overpaid or underpaid for the deposit after initiation.

Example request and response

The following is an example request for the update deposit resource. To use this request, replace $token in the example below with the access token.

curl -X POST \ \
  -H "Authorization: Bearer $token" \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -H 'X-Idempotency-Key: cd562368-55c9-41ff-9be1-a875da9c0b8c-update' \
  -d '{
    "description": "Updating existing order : cd562368-55c9-41ff-9be1-a875da9c0b8c",
    "merchant_reference": "1d2681b6-3fff-4971-86df-3c7e6a109ed8",
    "metadata" : {
      "foo": "bar"
    "amount" : {
      "value": 2000000,
"currency": “BRL”

This is an example of what you can expect to see in response:

	"deposit": {
		"id": "84e993dc-9266-ead6-a20a-10757d04363b",
		"destination": {
			"id": "cHBfYjA3NDA5MzItYzI2Mi00MTk5LThkZGItY2Y2NGRhMTU0OWQ4",
			"owner_id": "e00905e1-066d-4c44-bd9d-ea8fd7d7be8e",
			"type": "Account",
			"uri": "//payments/customers/e00905e1-066d-4c44-bd9d-ea8fd7d7be8e/accounts/cHBfYjA3NDA5MzItYzI2Mi00MTk5LThkZGItY2Y2NGRhMTU0OWQ4"
		"source": {
			"id": "Z3NfZjNmMmU2MDYtMjYzYS0zMzY2LThjOWMtMmQ0MGU1ODE2ZWZj",
			"owner_id": "a7b46663-3b97-40be-9b3e-ab805a56b269",
			"type": "Account",
			"uri": "//payments/customers/a7b46663-3b97-40be-9b3e-ab805a56b269/accounts/Z3NfZjNmMmU2MDYtMjYzYS0zMzY2LThjOWMtMmQ0MGU1ODE2ZWZj"
		"state": {
			"value": "PENDING"
		"amount": {
			"value": 1000000,
			"currency": "EUR"
		"description": "Test update deposit",
		"merchant_reference": "b36340d75701-a02a-6dae-6629-cd399e48",
		"country_iso2": "NL",
		"session_id": "36adcbfd-15fc-45e6-bd51-0f2a52c17c93",
		"funding_method": "TEST_FUNDING_METHOD",
		"type": "Deposit",
		"uri": "//payments/deposits/84e993dc-9266-ead6-a20a-10757d04363b"

Update deposit errors

HTTP Status Description
400 Bad request
403 Forbidden
404 Not Found
409 Conflict


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