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Create Trip Communication Session


Privileged and Confidential This endpoint design has been confidentially shared with you. It is still under development and is subject to change without notice. Please do not share this document or API endpoint details with anyone who is not authorized to have access. For more information read about scopes.

Use case

Use this endpoint to create a communication session for a given trip.

This endpoint will return a phone number that will proxy voice and sms communications between the trip driver and the recipient.

The recipient phone number could be the rider or the organization.

The provisioned phone number is only valid until the trip completes, it will not work after the trip completes.

Only one session can exist for a trip.

If this endpoint is called twice with two different phone numbers, the first session will be invalidated after the second request and only the second input phone number will be able to contact the output phone number.

If the request is from a third party (3P) app, please add x-uber-organizationuuid header and the Organization UUID as the value or the request will be denied.


OAuth 2.0 Bearer token with the guests.trips scope.

Example request
curl -X POST \
  -H "authorization: Bearer <access_token>" \
  -H 'content-type: application/json' \
  -d '{
        "phone_number": "+14155551234"
      }' \
Request URL parameters
URL parameter Type Description
request_id string The unique id of the the trip request (required).
Request body parameters
Field Type Description
phone_number string The phone number in E.164 format that will be used to communicate with the driver of the trip (required).
Example response
  "phone_number": "+14155554321"
Response body parameters
Name Type Description
phone_number string A phone number in E.164 format that will proxy voice and sms communications between the input number and the driver of the given trip’s request_id
Expected Errors
  "message": "Participant creation rejected due to possible duplication across sessions",
  "data": {
    "statusCode": "400"
  "errCode": "bad_request"


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