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Guest Rides API Resource

Privileged and Confidential This endpoint design has been confidentially shared with you. It is still under development and is subject to change without notice. Please do not share this document or API endpoint details with anyone who is not authorized to have access. For more information read about scopes.


Uber’s Guest Rides API provides a way to manage transportation for your guests via the Uber Platform.

Your guests are not required to have an Uber account, but you will need to provide some guest details when requesting a ride.

Resource /v1/guests

Field URL
Production API root URL
Sandbox API root URL
Field URL
Production Production Postman API collection
Sandbox Sandbox Postman API collection

Your application must have the guests.trips scope to use either of the production or sandbox resources.

Note: The default rate limit for each end-point is 200 per hour. This can be increased as per the business needs.

Developer Guides
  • Authentication - Authentication for the Guest Rides API is done using OAuth 2.0 client credentials using the guest.rides scope.
  • Errors - There are different errors that may need to be handled in different ways.
  • Sandbox - The Sandbox can be used to test endpoints without actually requesting a trip.
  • Webhooks - Setup a webhook to receive data from the Uber Platform.
Available Endpoints
Method Endpoint Description
GET /v1/guests/trips/{} Retrieve the details of a specific trip.
GET /v1/guests/trips Retrieve trip details for a set of trips.
GET /v1/guests/trips/{}/receipt Retrieve a receipt of a past trip.
POST /v1/guests/trips Request a trip.
DELETE /v1/guests/trips/{} Cancel a trip.
POST /v1/guests/trips/estimates Retrieve available products and corresponding price estimates for a route from one location to another.
POST /v1/guests/trips/call Initiates a call between the given phone number and the driver of the given trip id.
POST /v1/guests/trips/tip Add a tip to a completed trip.
GET /v1/guests/zones Retrieves a list of zones corresponding to specialized pickup locations.
PUT /v1/guests/trips/communication Create or update a communication session with the driver for a trip.
POST /v1/guests/trips/{}/message Send a message to the driver of an active trip.
PUT /v1/guests/trips Update an active trip.
GET /v1/guests/guests/phone-info/ Retrieves guests rider phone information.
POST /v1/guests/trips/{}/dispatch Dispatch a flexible trip.
POST /v1/trips/products-info Retrieves products information.
GET /v1/guests/address/autocomplete Address autocomplete


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