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Quality & Performance Standards

Access to These APIs May Require Written Approval From Uber

Uber’s APIs are always under development and as such are subject to changes according to our Versioning & Upgrade policy. As part of Uber’s ongoing privacy improvements, we’ve updated our Developer API program with new scope access policies for third party applications. For further information, please refer to our Getting Started guides.

To maintain a great customer experience for merchant integrations utilizing Eats APIs, we require our partners to adhere to specific quality and performance standards.

These standards are subject to adjustment at any time and a failure to adhere to or meet these standards may result in temporary or permanently revoked API access and/or removal or disabling of merchant stores.

Quality Standards

Integration quality is essential to the Eats marketplace as it allows restaurant partners to take full advantage of the suite of Eats workflows and integration features and ensures Eaters have a great experience. As new workflows/features are amended or added, partners will be expected to support and incorporate these changes into their integrations.

Order API Integrations

All integrations handling Order processing or workflows should meet the following standards.

  • Adherence to the Eats order integration flow, including making explicit POST Accept/Deny requests.
  • Cancellation Webhooks
  • Rejecting orders if allergens/special instructions are provided and they cannot be relayed to the POS.
Store & Menu API Integrations

All integrations handling Store or Menu management should meet the following standards.


Full support of the Menu API where the partner has the ability to make programmatic updates to Eats menus including but not limited to the following fields:

  • Accurate Store Delivery & Holiday Hours
  • Accurate Item-Level/Order-Level Special Instruction Support Flags
  • Tax Categories for Items (where applicable)
  • Store-level Tax Area ID (zip +4) (where applicable)

Support for all V2 Menu API endpoints is required.

Performance Standards

Integrations that support live marketplace stores must meet certain performance criteria in order to remain active on Eats. This criteria includes a baseline injection success rate that will be monitored daily and shared with mutual and prospective customers. Once integration stability is confirmed, this reporting may be configured for a weekly cadence.

Injection Success Rate: 99%
(No. of Accepted Orders / Total Submitted Orders)

Integrations that fail to meet a 99% injection success rate can be subject to revoked API access and/or removal or disabling of restaurant stores from the Eats marketplace. The degree of API access limitation will be determined by:

  1. Magnitude of the difference between the expected and actual performance criteria.
  2. Amount of time the expected performance criteria rate wasn’t met.

Any review or evaluation of a partner’s performance metrics will take into consideration the products and workflows used in the integration.


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