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Order Integration

Access to These APIs May Require Written Approval From Uber

Uber’s APIs are always under development and as such are subject to changes according to our Versioning & Upgrade policy. As part of Uber’s ongoing privacy improvements, we’ve updated our Developer API program with new scope access policies for third party applications. For further information, please refer to our Getting Started guides.


Use the Order API to ingest and manage incoming orders from Uber Eats. The API includes a webhook for incoming order notifications from Uber Eats. Once you have successfully set up your webhook URL and menu, retrieve, accept, and deny orders with the Order API endpoints.

Understanding the Order Flow

Adherence to the Eats order integration flow, diagrammed below, is required for order integration. Please study the diagram and read through this page carefully. Note: all orders that are scheduled must be accepted twice, once during the orders.scheduled.notification and again at orders.notification.