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About Uber Direct

Welcome to Uber Direct!

This platform enables merchants like you to integrate your applications and services with Uber Direct’s order delivery system. By leveraging our APIs, you can now easily automate the process of dispatching an Uber courier for pickup and deliveries.

This developer portal provides documentation and resources to assist you in creating, managing, and monitoring deliveries using the Uber Direct platform.

The difference Between Uber Direct APIs and Uber Eats APIs

The Uber Direct API empowers merchants to seamlessly integrate their applications and services with the Uber Direct order delivery system. Once your application invokes Uber’s Create Delivery endpoint, a dedicated Uber courier will be dispatched to collect the order from the store and deliver it to the customer.

Conversely, the Eats APIs offer partners the capability to programmatically manage various aspects of your stores, menus, and orders on the Uber Eats app. If you require assistance with managing operations on the Uber Eats platform, we encourage you to explore the resources provided in the Uber Eats APIs documentation.

Integration Process

  1. Refer to the Get Started - Set Up a New Uber Direct Account guidelines to setup an Uber Direct account, which will provide access to our sandbox environment.
  2. Your team can use the Uber Direct RESTful endpoints and API documentation to develop your integration on a timeline that aligns with your roadmap. We are available to provide support as needed throughout the development process.
  3. Once your development is complete and ready for production, we will require actual stores to participate in a pilot run of the integration.
  4. The Uber team will collaborate with you to monitor the data and ensure the successful integration of your solution.
  5. Upon successful completion of the pilot run, you can deploy the integration to all stores. At this point, our 24-hour support team will also be able to help with any technical questions.


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