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Uber Direct offers a white-gloved, 24 hours / 7 days a week support service to any integration partner in production.

Our dedicated support team is trained and ready to receive any technical queries related to Uber Direct. Below are some of the common queries received:

“I wasn’t able to generated a trip for my order XYZ, I need to know more details of the API error”

“I received the following error: ‘The specified location was not understood’ and I need help to debug it”

“I need to know if the proof of delivery feature was enabled for a trip, with ID 12345”

To contact the support team at any time, simply complete the online support form found using the following link:

Please remember to include as much information as possible within the ticket, including;

  • What error was received?
  • What was the expected vs actual behavior?
  • What debugging steps have you already taken?


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