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Rate Limiting

The Driver API enforces rate limits to help distribute resources among apps. The rate limits are based on the authorized user’s bearer token (on a driver level) and limited (by default) to 2000 requests per hour.

In addition, there is also a short-term rate limit put in place to protect against bursts of traffic. Please spread out your requests whenever possible.

HTTP responses return a 429 status code for any request until the rate limit has dropped below the required threshold. The response body will contain the following JSON object:

{"message":"Exceeded rate limit","code":"rate_limited"}

Furthermore, we supply X-Rate-Limit-* headers for all requests containing the current state of the secret token’s rate limit.

Header Description
X-Rate-Limit-Limit Total possible number of requests
X-Rate-Limit-Remaining Number of requests left in the rate limit window
X-Rate-Limit-Reset Timestamp when the rate limit will reset


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