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All timezones in the Uber API are expressed in UTC Epoch and it is the responsibility of the client to localize.


Currency is returned in the local value of a given latitude & longitude. A fare estimate in San Francisco is displayed in USD, while a fare estimate in Paris is displayed in EUR. The ISO 4217 currency code is also provided for your own conversions.

Language negotiation

The Uber API respects an Accept-Language header given by the client for languages for which we support translations. We support Section 14.4 of RFC 2616. We will return a Content-Language response header with the content’s localization.

Supported locales

The Uber API, mobile website, and mobile applications support a variety of languages and locales specified via standard Accept-Language headers. We continue to add more languages as we add more locales. The following locales are currently supported:

Code Description
ar_SA Arabic (Saudi Arabia)
de_DE German (Germany)
en_US English (United States)
fr_FR French (France)
it_IT Italian (Italy)
ja_JP Japanese (Japan)
ko_KR Korean (Korea)
ms_MY Malay (Malaysia)
nl_NL Dutch (Netherlands)
pt_BR Portuguese (Brazil)
ru_RU Russian (Russia)
sv_SE Swedish (Sweden)
th_TH Thai (Thailand)
tl_PH Tagalog (Philippines)
zh_CN Chinese (China)
zh_TW Chinese (Taiwan)


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