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There are various conditions in which the API may return an error. Your app can then parse the error to determine the best next step for the user.

Error responses

The following table provides examples of possible error responses.

HTTP Status Code Meaning
401 unauthorized No authentication provided
422 validation_failed One of the input values is not in the correct format
503 service_unavailable The service is currently unavailable

Error format

Error responses have a consistently formed JSON body. The keys may include:

Field Type Description
code string Machine-readable code for error
message string Human-readable message for error
Sample error

This error is returned whenever an HTTP request is missing the Authorization header for an endpoint that requires a valid acccess_token:

  "code": "unauthorized",
  "message": "No authentication provided."


Our webhook service makes requests to your webhook url and can encounter the following types of errors:

  • SSL Error - The ssl certificate being used does not match the hostname, is expired, or is invalid. You can validate your ssl certificate with SSL Labs.
  • Connect Timeout - The request timed out while trying to connect to the remote server or did not send any data after 10 seconds.
  • Connection Error - A network connection error occurred.
  • Request Exception - There was an ambiguous exception that occurred while handling your request.


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