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Do I need a driver account to start using the Driver API?

No, you don’t need such an account to create your Uber application in the Developer Dashboard. However, you will be required to authenticate with a driver account to test your integration. We, therefore, recommend you to use the same account for your Uber application. That way, you can avoid using different accounts during the implementation.


How can drivers revoke access to my application’s access?

They have to go to the Riders’ Profile page in the Riders dashboard. Currently, the Driver dashboard does not display connected applications.


Do I need a driver account to start using the sandbox?

Yes, you need to authenticate a driver profile to use all of the Driver API endpoints, including the sandbox endpoints.


How do I calculate the driver net earning per trip?

The net earnings are exposed through the GET /partners/payments endpoint. The payments[].amount represents the net payout to a driver per trip if the fare_id is not null.


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