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Onelogin SCIM app


We have pre-built a SCIM provisioner app for Uber. Select this app (make sure you are selecting the right app with provisioning connector) and follow the below steps

Note: Please do not modify default attributes mapping

Step 1: Click on add app

Onelogin Add App

Step 2: Search for Uber app

Onelogin Search App

Step 3: Name the app and save it

Note: Make sure to hide it from SSO portal by deselecting “Visible in portal”. If you don’t hide it, SCIM provisioned employees would see the app in their SSO portal but clicking on it will fail the SSO login. Onboarding to SSO is a separate process as of now.

Onelogin Name App

Step 4: Authenticate the app

Note: You are recommended to create a team-based shared account to authenticate the app so when an admin leaves your organization, SCIM functionality doesn’t break

Onelogin Initiate Auth

You should see an auth success banner like below Onelogin Auth Success

Step 5: Configure the org ID

Get the org uuid from U4B portal U4B Get Org ID

Paste this org ID into Onelogin Onelogin Configure Org ID

Step 6: Configure SCIM Provisioning

Save the app after this last step

  • Make sure to map delete action against delete and suspend against suspend
  • Delete action is for employees who no more have eligibility to the program. If they become eligible again, they are re-created
  • Suspend is for employees who go inactive and temporarily loose the eligibility for the program. When they become eligible again, Uber restores their existing account instead of recreating new accounts (or re-inviting them to the program)

Onelogin Configure SCIM

Step 7: Configure Group provisioning

Go to ‘Rules’ tab on the left hand side. Click on ‘Add Rule’. Provide a name for the group mapping you are about to create. Choose the mapping condition using which you would like to create group in Uber for business dashboard. Under ‘Actions’,Choose ‘Set Groups in Uber’ from drop down and select ‘Map from Onelogin’. For the selected ‘For each’ field , a corresponding group will be created in Uber for Business.

Onelogin Configure group provisioning

Step 8: Test the provisioning

Enable this app on a group which marks eligibility of your employees to be part of your U4B organization.

Go back to testing steps here

Upgrade Application

If you don’t see the group provisioning option, please re-authenticate your app. You’ll need to clear the current access token on the configuration tab. Then repeat step4


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