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Custom SCIM app


If you use a public Identity Provider (vs having your own custom IDP implementation), You are recommended to reach out to your U4B account manager and ask Uber to build a SCIM app for your IDP. If you still want to configure a custom SCIM app for your IDP yourself, please read on.


Uber’s SCIM APIs are documented at here. Read the documentation and then follow below steps.

Step 1: Create a developer app on

This is to get authorization to SCIM scopes so that API calls originated from your IDP are authorized. To do this, create an app on and reach out to your U4B account manager to get SCIM scopes assigned to your app’s client ID. Once you get the scopes assigned, continue with next steps

Step 2: Create your SCIM app

Start creating a new SCIM provisioning app on your IDP portal and use below parameters

SCIM Base URL:{org_id}/v2. Refer to SCIM Overview for org_id

Client Id/Secret: From the app created on

OAuth Token URI:

Auth URL:

Scope: scim.users for user read-write access, scim.groups for group read-write access

Step 3: Authorize and obtain auth token

Follow auth steps mentioned in SCIM Overview to authenticate to use SCIM APIs

Now finish the integration with testing step as mentioned in SCIM Overview


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