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Okta SCIM app

Support Features

  • Create Users
  • Update Users
  • Deactivate Users
  • Reactivate Users
  • Group Push


We have pre-built a SCIM provisioner app for Uber. Select the app and follow the steps below

Note: Please do not modify default attributes mapping

Step 1: From Application side bar, click on Browse App Catalog

Okta app page

Okta search u4b app

Step 3: Add the app

Okta add the app

Step 4: Name your app then click Next, keep the Sign-on options as is then click Done

Note: Make sure to check “Do not display application icon to users”. Onboarding to SSO is a separate process as of now.

Okta name your app

Step 5: Configure the provisioning of your app

5.1: Go to provisioning tab

Okta go to provisioning

5.2: Configure API integration

Okta config api integration

5.3: Copy your organization ID from the U4B portal address bar

Okta get u4b org id

5.4: Click Authenticate with Uber for Business, you will be prompted to sign in your U4B admin account

Okta authenticate api

5.5: Authentication succeed

Okta auth ok

Step 6: Enable provisioning

Okta enable provisioning

Step 7: Test provisioning under Assignment tab

Okta test provisioning

Group Push

We support group provisioning, steps below

Note: if you cannot see group push, please re-provision your app

Step 1: Click Push Groups tab

group push

Step 2: Click Push Groups and select Find groups by name

group push

Step 3: Input your group name and click

group push

Step 4: Click save and verify push status

group push

Troubleshooting and special notes

  • Initial activation of Okta provisioning for Uber requires contacting Uber support, ( Please reach out with any questions during your configuration process.
  • This provisioning app will NOT create an Uber account for you, it will only send out email invitation to your employees.
  • Adding user from U4B portal will NOT sync data back to Okta SCIM app, this behavior is comply with SCIM RFC
  • For now, we only support mobile phone number with country code
  • For create group API, we don’t support attach members in this request
  • For list groups API, it won’t return members in the response. If you want to get all the members in the group, please use get group API
  • For patch group API, we limit 100 members in one request
  • We would prefer using add/remove members instead of replace members in the patch operation

Upgrade Application

If you don’t see the feature listed above, please re-provision your app re-provision


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