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Azure SCIM app


We have pre-built a SCIM provisioner app for Uber. Select this app (make sure you are selecting the right app with provisioning connector) and follow the below steps

Step 1: Click on Enterprise applications


Step 2: Search for Uber app

In search by applications, type uber and click into application

Search Uber Note: In the above diagram, it shows uber-test app, in production, it should be uber

Step 3: Configure Provisioning
  • Click provisioning tab
  • Click update credentials
  • Change provisioning mode to automatic

Click Provisioning

Step 4: Configure the org ID

Get the org uuid from U4B portal

U4B Get Org ID

Create a Tenant URL using Org ID and paste it in ‘Tenant URL’ field under admin credentials. Tenant URL format:{organization-id}/v2

Paste Org

Click Test Connection, you should see a success message

Test Connection Success

Once you receive successful connection pop up, click on ‘Authorize’ button to authorize the application. This will enable a permanent connection between Azure and U4B which will be the bridge for provisioning and deprovisioning.

Step 5: Enable group provisioning

You can enable group provisioning, in the mappings Enable group provisioning

Step 6: Test the provisioning

You can add a user and check provisioning cycle, if the sync cycle completed and there is no error in logs, you will see the new user provisioned in U4B org

Go back to testing steps here

Some useful microsoft articles for SCIM provisoning:

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